funnybones services

interview / trial visit          to sniff each other out
$25      per dog

* includes behavior evaluation and first day of day play

day play          cage-free play that's fun and safe
$22      per dog
$100      5-weekdays package ($20 per day)
$20      saturdays
$12      half day (6-11:45am or 2-7:45pm)

* packages may not be applied to saturday visits

* packages expire 30 days from purchase & may not be shared or transferred

extended stay          complete comfort and care
$30      up to 30 lbs
$32      31 to 60 lbs
$34      61 to 90 lbs
$36      91 + lbs
$2      house food

* rates listed above are for 24 hours of care - so your dog's check-out time is his check-in time; a $10 fee (per dog) will apply to late check-outs

* a 50% deposit is required for stays 10 days or longer

* medications are dispensed at no extra charge

bath          from dirty dog to squeaky-clean canine
$30      per dog (short coat)
$40      per dog (long coat)
$10      keep the car clean (damp towel-off & brush-out)
$8      nail trim

* add $10 for undercoat, $15 for flea & tick treatment

* any dog with fleas will be immediately transported to the veterinarian for treatment
  at the owner's expense

* saturday suds: we offer in-and-out bathing appointments on saturdays from 9am to
  3pm; same rates apply

pup parties         celebrate a birthday, adoption anniversary,
                              obedience graduation or any other milestone!
$100      funnybones clients
     party time: any day, monday - friday from 11am - noon
     your pup will celebrate with his funnybones friends!
$150      visitors
     party time: sunday from noon - 1pm
     your dog may invite up to nine pup pals

* we’ll do it all: from the cake & decorations to the goodie bags & digital photo album!

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