about funnybones

Located just north of Atlanta, funnybones offers cage-free day play for happy, well-socialized dogs and cozy, private pens for extended stays.

At funnybones dogs have 5,000 sq ft of indoor/outdoor play space at their disposal – and they have the freedom to use it as they choose: play, sleep, bark, explore, slobber, dig, fetch...

Dogs are matched by size, activity level and disposition and a loving human is always on hand to provide care, supervision – and a lap to sit on! Safe dog toys, agility equipment, healthy treats and nap time round out the day play experience!

After a full day of playing, dogs staying overnight retire to spacious, individual pens where they enjoy all the comforts of home: a warm bed, plenty of fresh food and water, soft music and turndown treats. We can feed your dog your food or ours and we dispense medications at no extra charge.

We can accommodate only 45 overnight guests at a time. This means that your dog will be in good company, but will never be overwhelmed! By limiting the number of dogs we keep, we are able to give each dog more room to stretch out and relax. We are not in the business of warehousing dogs; instead, we have created an atmosphere that is comfy, cozy and stress-free.

funnybones maintains a clean, safe environment and a Vet is available 24 hours. All dogs must be current on their vaccinations (Rabies, DHLPP and Bordetella) and should be in good overall health. Dogs eight months and older must be spayed/neutered to participate in group play.

Exercise and socialization lead to happier, healthier dogs. Time spent at funnybones can help eliminate boredom behavior like barking and chewing and is a great solution for dogs with separation anxiety, young pups with lots of energy and older dogs that need to go out more often.

funnybones is also known for its spectacular social events – from the annual Spring Treat Hunt and summer Poo-au (a luau for dogs, of course!) to Bandana Day and the ever-popular Howl-o-ween extravaganza. It’s true, funnybones dogs have busier social calendars than their owners!.

Dad, Daughter – and Dogs
funnybones was established in 2004 when Kenya Newman decided to leave her career in marketing and live her dream of caring for dogs and supporting animal causes. In 2006 Kenya successfully lured her father away from his job in telecommunications (It didn’t take much convincing!) and ever since, this father-daughter team has been joyfully devoted to serving their canine clientele – rain or shine, 365 days a year!

Kenya earned her Pet Care Technician Certification from The Pet Care Services Association and is Pet CPR Certified. Nevertheless, her real training comes from sharing her life with five dogs: three Weimaraners, a Weimaraner Mix and an Australian Terrier – an amusing pack of dogs that has thoroughly prepared her for the challenges of running a dog daycare.



The funnybones Family
Kenya and Kenney would be sorely outnumbered if it weren’t for the help of their amazing staff. Everyone at funnybones is a Pack Leader dedicated to the care of the dogs. With numerous responsibilities – ranging from sweeping and mopping to butt scratching, belly rubbing and, of course, poop scooping – everyone on staff agrees that doggie kisses are the best reward!



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